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GCIS On-Line Tourism Guide - Salt Water Fishing

The Gulf Coast offers many fun and exciting things to do on of course is Deep Sea fishing. Come visit the coast and fish, while you're here check out the other things the Gulf Coast offers such as world class golf courses and Las Vegas style gaming.

You may have fished in other places, but few vacation spots if any, offer the friendliness, variety, and value of a fishing adventure for families, friends, and companies off the Coast and barrier islands.

Our Deep Sea fishing charter boats specialize year round in both bottom fishing and trolling. They routinely take large catches of King and Spanish mackerel, snapper, jack, grouper, lemon-fish and sharks. In addition, many other sport fish are commonly caught. Your catch will generally be cleaned and dressed for a nominal fee.

A full day of fishing usually last up to eight hours with departure times at 6:00- 7:00a.m. Overnight and 1/2 day trips are available. The trips usually consist of four to six people with the average prices for a full day $400.00; 1/2 day trip-$285.00(up to six people). Prices may vary. For larger groups several boats may operate together. Ice, bait and tackle are provided for your convenience.

All the fish you will be reeling will work up an appetite. The chartering party usually provides food and beverages for itself, the captain and the mate(s), but special arragements may be made with most captains to supply the food and beverages for an additional fee.

Generally captains have no restrictions prohibiting consumption of alcohol on vessels, but for the safety of you and others, alcohol abuse is prohibited.

Dressing for the trip. Soft soled deck shoes are recommended. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. During the spring, fall and winter, wear warm clothing to protect yourself from chilling winds. During the summer months, adequate clothing is needed to protect you from the sun.

If you are inclined toward motion sickness or if you are taking children on the trip, one of the many drug store remedies will be helpful if taken before departure.

To avoid disappointment, boats should be reserved in advance, especially for holiday or weekend trips. Reservations made the evening before may be sufficient for weekday trips.

A saltwater license is required, however many charter boats have licenses to cover you while fishing aboard their vessels.


The following charter boat list is quite long, it is organized by the marina/harbor where the vessels are located

Biloxi/Point Cadet Marina

BREAKAWAY (Pier D) Capt. Mike Brackin, 12309 Winward Drive, Gulfport, MS 39503. (228) 832-6131, Fishing Cap.-6,  L-25

AK II (Pier A Slip2) Captain Art Lovetti (228) 863-0621. Fishing capacity - 6; Sleeping Capacity -6; L-40'

Anytime Fishing Charters (Point Cadet Marina E pier fuel dock) (228) 436-3901 ,1139 Lafayette St, Biloxi, Ms.

BONNIE AMIE (Pier A, Slip 37) Capt. Roland Skinner, P.O. Box 6694, Biloxi, MS 39533 (228) 392-1253, Fishing Capacity-12, Sleeping Capacity-16, L-62'

DUE SOUTH CHARTERS Capt's. Robbie & Greg Thorton, P.O. Box 1353, Biloxi, MS, 39533. (228) 436-4232. Fishing Capacity-16, Sleeping Capacity-14, L-100'

FISH-FINDER Pier D Slip 2, Capt. Mike Foto, (228) 594-0801

HIDE-A-WAY (Pier A, Slip11) Capt. Mike McRaney P.O. Box 999,Biloxi, MS. 39533. (228) 875-9462 or 872-3443, Fishing Cap.-18, L-44'

FIESTA (Pier A, Slip3) Capt. Mike McRaney P.O. Box 999,Biloxi, MS. 39533. (228) 875-9462 or 872-3443, Fishing Cap.-6, L-41'

FISH-ON CHARTERS (Pier D, Slip 3),Capt. Kenny Bellais, 13054 Three Oaks Rd, Biloxi, MS  39532. (228)617-HOOK (4665). Fishing Capacity 1 - 5,Length 23'

JOKA'S WILD CHANDELEUR YACHT CHARTERS - 4241 Oakridge Place, (228) 392-0989

OUTRAGEOUS (Pier A, Slip1) Capt. Mike McRaney P.O. Box 999,Biloxi, MS. 39533. (228) 875-9462 or 872-3443, Fishing Cap.-6, L-42'

KINGFISH (Pier E, Slip 23) Capt. Gerald Skinner, 16000 Tower Bridge Rd, Biloxi, MS 39532 (228) 392-3448, Fishing cap.-12, Sleeping Cap.-12

OMECO III (Pier E, Slip 33) Capt.Joe Kuljis, 1016 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, MS. 39530. (228) 432-2054

CHANDELEUR ISLAND CHARTERS Capt's. Gene Cambell, Tim Wolfford and Greg Thornton. Groups of 6 to 15 on three day trips to the Chandeleur Islands. 530 Hillhurst, Baytown, TX 77521. (281) 428-2549, e-mail

STRICTLY BUSINESS FISHING CHARTERS (Pier G, Slip 9) Capt. Mike Moore, 9506 Fountain Ave., Biloxi, Ms 39532. (228) 436-3128 or (228) 392-4047. Fishing capacity - 6, sleeping capacity - 6.  Length (38' Bertram Sportfish).

SILVER KING III (Pier E, Slip 33) Capt. Mark Compton, 5904 David Davis Place Ocean Springs, MS 39564, (228) 875-3825. Fishing Cap.-18, Sleeping Cap.-18, L-65'

RIP TIDE CHARTERS (Pier B, Slip 25) Capt. Jimmy Wilson, Telephone: (228) 826-2161 or (228) 218-4376, Fishing Cap. 1-6, Length 26' Scarab.

GOIN DEEP CHARTERS (private marina), Capt. John Fryer,
15331 Joe Batt Road, Ocean Springs, MS 39564, telephone - 228-396-8481; Fishing Capacity 1 - 4, Length 25' (Contender 25)

Southern Pride Charters Captain Melvin Raymond, (228) 348-1779,
3 semi-private staterooms,Color TV/VCR/DVD/Stereo,

S.Y.L. CHARTERS, Capt. Clarence "C-BO" Seymour, Jr. 8620 Rose Rd., Vancleve, MS  39565. , e-mail Phone:  (228)-872-8822  
Toll Free:  (877)-SYL-Boat,  Capacity 1 - 5, Length 22'

SUNDAY SILENCE Captain Roland Skinner, P.O. Box 6694,Biloxi, MS. 39532. (228) 392-1253. Fishing Cap.-23, Sleeping Cap.-23, L-100'

TOP GUN Capt. Jim M Twiggs, Phone (228) 617-REEL (228)-388-4070, Hatteras Sport Fishing vessel with full electronics and large salon. Cap. 6,L-40'

UNIT 1 (slip 35) Capt. Mark Compton, 5904 David Davis Place Ocean Springs, MS 39564, (228) 875-3825. Fishing Cap.1 to 4, L-22'

UNIT II (slip 36) Capt. Mark Compton, 5904 David Davis Place Ocean Springs, MS 39564, (228) 875-3825. Fishing Cap.1 to 4, L-22'

Biloxi Small Craft Harbor
(228) 436-4062

AMBERJACK (Pier E, Slip 97) Capt. Rusty David, 15821 Albany Drive, Biloxi, MS 39532. (228) 374-3176. Fishing Cap.-6, L-41'

BAJA 31 (Center Pier, Slip 64) Capt. Joseph E Fountain, Jr. P.O. Box 6546, Biloxi, MS. 39530 (228) 392-1520. Fishing Cap.-6, Sleeping Cap.-4, L-31'

BEACHWATER II Capt Kirk Gladney; (228) 436-4062, Sleeping Cap.-16 L-65'


BLUE BAYOU (Slip 63) Capt. Andy Burns, 11189 Old Hwy 67, Biloxi, MS, 39532, (228) 392-4731, Fishing Cap.-6, L-38'

CONSPIRA SEA CHARTERS Capt. Patrick Peterson, 275 Seal Avenue, Biloxi, MS 39530, (228) 374-5449, Fishing Capacity-6, L-25'. Wilderness Tours and Camping at Horn Island.

HAPPY HOOKER (Main Pier, Slip 102) Capt. James McClellon; 12521 Ponce De Leon, Ocean Springs, MS. 39564. (228)872-3007. Fishing Cap.-6, Sleeping Cap.-4, L-26'

PANASEA IV (Pier 2, Slip 68) Capt. Jim Twiggs, i(228) 617-REEL (228) 388-4070, , Fishing cap.-6, sleeping cap-6, L-32'

QUICK SILVER (Slip 38 & 39 behind McElroys rest.) Capt. Gary Geno; 212 Pandella lane, Biloxi, MS. 39530. (228) 435-2245, (228) 435-1746. Fishing Cap. 24, Sleeping Cap.-14, L-52'

SEABASTES (Slip 67) Capt A. J. Taconi, 1080 Robinson Street, Biloxi, MS. 39530. (228) 435-5336. Fishing Cap.- 6, Sleeping Cap.-4, L-35'

THE SOUND (Slip 30) Capt. Dean Gladney; (228) 436-4062. Sleeping Cap-16, L-65'

SOUTHERN BELLE (Pier 1, Slip 85) Capt. Richard J. Desporte, Sr.; 188 Crawford Street, Biloxi,MS. 39530. (228) 436-6570. Sleeping Cap.-14. L-72'

THREE SONS (Slip 103) Capt. Bobby Williams, 600 Dina Drive, Biloxi, MS. 39532. (228) 392-8243. Fishing Cap.-6, Sleeping Cap.-6, L-35'

Broadwater Beach Marina
(228) 388-2211

BECUNA (Slip 139) Capt. Danny Stanley, 1709 Stanley Drive, Biloxi, MS. 39531. (228) 374-6295. Fishing Cap.-12, Sleeping Cap.-12, L-65'

DOUBLE TROUBLE (Slip 36) Capt. Danny Stanley; 1709 Stanley Drive, Biloxi, MS. 39531. (228) 374-6295, (228) 388-2211 Fishing Cap.-6, L-31'

HAPPY SNAPPER HEAD BOAT (Slip 36) Capt. Stanley Fournier, 254 Bleuer Drive, Biloxi, MS. 39531. (228) 432-9856, (228) 388-2211. Fishing Cap.-28, L-41'

HIGH TIMES II (Slip 25) Capt Craig Gusa, 10115 5th Avenue, Biloxi, MS. 39532. (228) 392-5335. Fishing Cap.-6. Sleeping Cap.-6, L-38'

MISS HOSPITALITY (Slip 24) Capt. Kenny Barhanovich. P.O. Box 1456, Biloxi, MS. 39533. (228) 435-1592. Fishing Cap.-34, Sleeping Cap.-14, L-51'

MR. CHAMP (Slip 41) Capt. Steve West, 1707 State Street, Biloxi, MS 39531. Fishing Cap.-6, L-25'

SHEARWATER (Slip 39) Capt. Brandon Morano. 635 Jackson Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS 39564. (228) 875-7108

SILVER DOLLAR (138) Capt. Jay Trochesset, 468 Cove Drive, Biloxi, MS 39531. (228) 388 2209, (228) 388-2211. Fishing Capacity-42. Sleeping Cap.-14. L-52'

SKIPPER (Slip 37) Capt. Tom Becker; 632 Michelle Dr, Biloxi, MS 39532. (228) 385-2910 , (228) 388-2211, FAX (228) 385-2085. Fishing Cap.-20, Sleeping Cap.-8. L-40'

Gulfport Small Craft Harbor
(228) 868-5713


CAVU Capt. Robert D. Hatch. 5110 Courthouse Road, Gulfport, MS 39507. (228) 896-7969, Fishing Cap.-6 Sleeping Cap.-10, L-54'

FISHEY BUSINESS ( Pier 1 Slip 1) Capt. Leonard Deroche. P.O. Box 399, Gulfport, MS 39502. (228) 865-9801. Fishing Cap.-6, Sleeping Cap.-4, L-30'

P.J. (pier A Slip A) Capt. Bill McLeod, 106 South Lang Ave, Long Beach, MS. 39560. (228) 864-3940. Fishing Cap.-6, Sleeping Cap.-6, L-42'

RING DANG DOO Capt. Henry Boardman, 10 Bayou Place, Gulfport, MS 39503. (228) 896-8836. Fishing Cap.-6, Sleeping Cap-6, L-46'

SEA SURREY (Pier A Slip 1-A) Capt. Russ B. Badeaux, 202 E. Old Pass Rd., Long Beach, MS 39560. (228) 864-8736. Fishing Cap.-25. L-25'

TOP GUN CHARTERS (Pier A Slip 10) Capt. Jim Twiggs, 2071 Coralwood Drive, Biloxi, MS 39532. (228) 388-4070, (228) 380-BOAT. Fishing Cap.-6 Sleeping Cap.-6, L-38'

TUFF-E-NUFF (Pier A Slip 13) Capt. Jerry Holland, Tony Paul, 2nd Capt. 18581 Robinson Road, Gulfport, MS 39503. (228) 832-7215, Fishing Cap.-6, Sleeping Cap.-8, L-42'

Mississippi Islands Charter, Inc., 4035 Trout St., Bay St. Louis, MS 39521
228-463-0509  Take a ride with Mississippi Islands Charter, Inc. to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Cat, Horn and Ship Islands are just minutes away from the Long Beach Harbor on the Mississippi Gulf Coast offering great historic and scenic views (not to mention great fishing).

Miss Lisa Charters Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, 228.466.5757
A family oriented charter offering sportfishing, family excursions, marsh fishing, island camping and river cruises. Discover for yourself how good Miss Lisa Charters really is!


LongBeach Harbor

IMPULSIVE (Pier 1 Slip 1) Capt. Scott Simpson. 206 Edwards Drive Pass Christian, MS 39571 (228) 217-2236 or (228) 452-7117
25 Ft. Stamas Center Console,
Capt. Scott has been featured on ESPN 2's National Television fishing show "World of Salt Water Fishing" hosted by George Poveromo.


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